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Galerie Blue Square opened its doors in Paris’ Marais district in 2007 with the exhibition “Collages Russes” featuring artists Yuri Avvakumov, Natalia Badanina, Alyona Kirtsova, Alexander Konstantinov, Leonid Lamm, Vladimir Nasedkin, Oskar Rabin and Vladimir Titov. In 2011, the gallery relocated to Washington, DC.

Galerie Blue Square identifies today as a virtual gallery, based in Miami, where founder and collector, Dianne Beal, continues to curate exhibitions and promote artists who are inspired by the ideas of Malevich and the Black Square.

Galerie Blue Square: About

Featured Exhibition
GOOD-BYE FAVORITE EUROPEAN PORTRAITS: HELLO EURO. Underwater installation, the World Bank Headquarters Atrium Pool,
Washington, D.C. 1999-2000

Galerie Blue Square: Welcome
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