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Yves Ullens, began photographing and exhibiting his first photographs professionally in 2001, at the age of 40. Since that time, he has shown his works in many galleries across Europe, worked on large-scale commissions for corporate and private clients and sold two major works at auction, Phillips de Pury, London and Christie's, Paris. Ullens is inspired by the color of everyday objects or landscapes and the light they reflect. His series include names (such as The Signs of Light, The Music of Light, The Landscapes of Light, Coloured Meditation and Vibrating Energy) that capture the essence of light and merge the boundaries of painting and photography. The artist's latest series, Chromatic Variations, continues to focus on capturing the vital forces of light and color, while adding optical structure and geometric form through the interplay of art and technology.

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Artist Statement

Having lived two near-death experiences in my childhood, it is quite logical that all my experimental work is about catching the vital energy supplied by light and bringing it magnified and beautified to my viewers. By making my camera travel in time and space, I create new fantastic fairy-like imaginary worlds mostly from ordinary objects. The emotion is central in my work as I consider myself as « a doctor for the soul and feelings ». My creations should not only induce mere visual pleasure but also bring additional well-being to my audience.

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