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Born in 1940 in Perm, Russia, Gennady Zubkov lives and works today in St. Petersburg.  He graduated from the Painting and Graphic Department of the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute in 1968. From 1963 - 1973, Zubkov studied the concepts of Impressionism, Cubism, Suprematism, and Matushin's color theory under the tutelage of Vladimir Sterligov, a student of Malevich.  From Sterligov's "spherical geometry theory", Zubkov derived a new painting technique, "form creates form."  As an "unofficial" artist, Zubkov worked from 1962 - 1977 as an artist-designer in the Botanical Gardens where he was able to continue working with color and form, as well as exploring relationships between spirituality and art. A stated goal of the artist is "to show the beauty of the world around us so that man might begin to relate more kindly and carefully to everything around him and to preserve the beauty of nature." From 1986 to present, he has taught painting to young artists and has founded the artistic groups "Form+ Color" and "17 April."  He is a member of many artist associations including the International Federation of Artists (IFA), and the Society of  "Free Culture."  The artist has displayed his works in more than 150 personal and group exhibitions.

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